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Did You Know...
Commercial buildings in the United States spend $107.9 billion on energy alone.

30 percent of this energy is wasted or used inefficiently.

You could help save $20 billion by improving the energy efficiency of your building.

(Source: ENERGY STAR®)

For additional information about retail facilities from ENERGY STAR® click here.

Incentives are available for:

  • Lighting: HIDs, Fluorescents, LEDs
  • Lighting Controls
  • Chillers
  • Motors
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Window Film
  • Roofing
  • Custom Measures
  • Solar PV

For a business, energy is often the single largest operating expense. Lighting, heating, cooling and computing can quickly become expensive. With the help of TNMP's Open and Commercial Solutions Programs you have the resources and tools to cut energy costs and improve your bottom line.

From switching to energy-saving light fixtures to upgrading an HVAC system, there are numerous low-cost ways to reduce your monthly utility bills. Our Energy Expert partners with you to identify opportunities to lower your energy costs and achieve continued savings.

You can maintain a competitive advantage in the market by achieving optimal energy performance on your properties. Without a comprehensive energy management strategy, energy costs can spiral out of control with devastating effects to your bottom line. Fortunately, small but sustained reductions in energy consumption can translate into substantial cost savings for a retail company.

Would you like assistance identifying improvements that yield the greatest results? TNMP contracts with CLEAResult as program implementer. Program representatives from CLEAResult are available to conduct a free, no obligation site assessment and help you identify projects that will meet your energy efficiency and financial goals. Click here to contact a TNMP energy efficiency Program representative who will start by offering you an on-site energy use assessment. The results of this assessment will show you when and where your building is using energy, and how efficiently. You can use this information to guide your energy management strategy. Most importantly, the program representative will seek opportunities for you to lower your energy costs, such as switching out inefficient bulbs with energy-saving ones. Incentives are available for eligible projects, making it faster and easier for you to start saving money on energy.

The Commercial Solutions Program is offered to any TNMP non-residential distribution customer (retail, real estate, healthcare, hospitality & food service, manufacturing). Educational and government facilities should check out the TNMP SCORE or CitySmart Programs instead.

The Commercial Solutions Program provides cash incentives for energy savings based on the rates below. Participants can also access financing resources and public relations support through the Program.

Executive Summary
Download the Program Manual

The incentive for eligible energy efficiency measures are as follows:

Lighting $100 $0.02
Type B & C LED Tubes $100 $0.02
LEDs1 $160 $0.03
HVAC DX $165 $0.04
Chiller $185 $0.04
Motors2 $150 $0.03
VFD2 $100 $0.02
Window Film2 $50 $0.02
Roofing2 $150 $0.04
Solar PV $185 $0.04
Other $150 $0.03
Measure $/kW $/kWh
  • 1 DLC approved Retrofit Kit or Luminaire only
  • 2 Retrofit projects only
Incentives are available to commercial-class customers served by a TNMP electric meter with a peak demand greater than 200 kW.

Click here to view a list of cities and counties in the service area.
Project Process


  • Sign the enrollment agreement, which formally enrolls the partner into one of TNMP's programs, authorizes CLEAResult to perform a walkthrough assessment and allows TNMP to pay incentives to the partner


  • CLEAResult documents & verifies existing equipment before removal. New construction projects must have construction drawings submitted for estimated savings calculations
  • Estimated incentive is calculated off existing equipment; if equipment isn't pre-inspected prior to removal, the program cannot incentivize the project


  • Confirm the timeline and project scope provided in incentive application (NOTE: Incentive funds are not guaranteed upon project completion without an approved incentive application)
  • CLEAResult performs preliminary incentive & energy savings calculations


  • Partner implements project & notifies CLEAResult of any scope changes
  • Partner notifies CLEAResult upon project completion


  • CLEAResult documents & verifies new equipment installation
  • CLEAResult finalizes incentives & energy savings


  • TNMP issues check to partner (takes approximately 4-6 weeks). (NOTE: Incentive check is a live check made to the attention of the person who signed the participation agreement - it is not a discount on your monthly bill.)
The Program Agreements, Equipment Survey Forms and other relevant forms are available for downloading from the following links. Please note that these files are available for viewing and printing as Microsoft® Excel® files or Adobe® PDF documents (which are available for viewing and printing only with Adobe Acrobat Reader®.)

Program Documents

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