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"As much as 30 percent of the energy consumed in commercial and industrial buildings is often wasted."


Small Business
Energy Efficiency Improvements for Small Business

Open is a market transformation program designed to offer contractor and customer education on energy efficiency technologies. The program overcomes market barriers by providing substantial incentives to help small business owners pay for energy efficiency upgrades and reduce their out of pocket costs.

The program is contractor driven and aims to equip eligible participating contractors with the tools they need to succeed in promoting energy efficiency projects in the small business market. Through the eligible contractors, TNMP offers increased incentive rates to small business owners with a peak demand of ≤200 kW to promote the installation of energy efficient products such as high efficiency LED lighting and refrigeration measures.

Open connects customers with participating contractors that are qualified to provide design and installation services for energy efficient technologies, and give customers any additional technical support to make them comfortable with the implementation of efficiency measures in their facilities.

The Program offers the following to eligible small business owners:

  • Free, no-obligation facility assessment to identify potential energy-saving opportunities
  • Recommendations and estimates of energy savings, project costs, and payback periods
  • Installation of approved energy-saving equipment by a local pre-qualified contractor once project is approved
  • Incentives paid directly to your contractor by the program to reduce your initial out of pocket costs of adopting energy-efficient equipment. The customer is only responsible for paying the customer cost portion on thte proposal.
  • Ongoing reduction in energy costs due to reduced energy usage

Example measures

Eligible Lighting Upgrades:
  • Flood lamp & exterior light retrofits
  • T12 or T8 to LED upgrades
  • T5 or metal halide upgrades
  • Occupancy sensor installation
  • LED exit sign retrofits
  • EC motors
  • Strip curtains
  • Anti-sweat heater controls for refrigerator doors

And more!

HVAC and Chiller Replacement

*Please review the Program Manual to ensure your measure is in compliance with any performance criteria.

Would you like assistance identifying improvements that yield the greatest results?

TNMP contracts with CLEAResult Consulting as program implementer. Program representatives from CLEAResult are available if you have questions about how to get started. Click here to contact an Open contractor in your area. Once you contact a contractor, they will perform a free, no-obligation site assessment. The results of this assessment will show you when and where your building is using energy, how you can improve energy usage, and potentially reduce your annual usage and energy bill. You can use this information to guide your energy management strategy. The contractor will present to you a proposal with project information and incentive amount available to help retrofit your facility if you choose to move forward with the pay for the upgrade. The incentives that are available for eligible projects will make it easier and more affordable for you to start saving money on energy immediately. Once you have received your assessment and decided to participate in the program, please sign the submitted proposal to reserve the incentives.

For further questions regarding the program please click here to contact a TNMP energy efficiency program representative.

This program is designed for the small business market. This is a program intended to introduce energy efficiency to TNMP small business customers while providing substantial economic benefits to them. The program uses an expedited, simple solution appropriate for engaging contractors and nonresidential customers in energy efficiency projects. The program targets cost-effective equipment retrofits that replace inefficient technologies with high efficiency technologies. Pairing this approach with performance based (kW saved) incentives listed below allows the program to reduce customer project costs enough to engage small businesses in energy efficiency projects. Open uses a contractor direct install model enabling market transformation at the contractor and customer level. Trained contractors are provided with a Mobile Field Tool Application that empowers them to engage with customers and streamline the program participation process. All eligible projects must be submitted via the Field Tool to receive incentives.

The incentives are paid to contractors based upon the estimated demand reduction resulting from qualified project installations. The program will pay the below incentives for kW reduced for customers with maximum peak demand of 200 kW. All calculations are done using the Field Tool.

The incentives for eligible energy efficiency measures include:

  • Refrigeration measures: $700/kW reduced
  • HVAC replacements: $550/kW reduced
  • Lighting measures*
    • Full troffer LED replacement: $700/kW reduced**
    • LED tube replacement: $675/kW reduced
    • All other lighting: $550/kW reduced

*All LED Lighting retrofit products must be listed under one of the following verification websites (DLC, Energy Star, Lighting Design Lab, LED Lighting Facts) to be eligible for

**Incentives for retrofits of T12/T8 Troffer fixtures are determined by the category the replacement fixture is currently listed under on the verification websites (DLC, Energy Star, Lighting Design Lab, LED Lighting Facts). Full Troffer LED replacement incentive rate is capped at 40% of the overall incentive budget for the program. After we have reached 40% the incentive rate for this measure will be reduced to $550/kW.

Download the Program Manual

Executive Summary

Open is available to non-public sector commercial-class customers with a peak demand of 200 kW or less. Incentives are available through participating contractors to install energy-saving technology at your business. Funds are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. It's your bottom line - take control of your energy choices.

Eligible energy efficiency measures include indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, refrigeration, and HVAC. The Program pays a high percentage of the project cost. Incentives, actual savings, and payback periods vary depending on the equipment installed, building characteristics, energy use patterns, age of existing equipment, location, and other parameters specific to your project.

Click here to view a list of cities and counties in the service area.

*Please review the Program Manual to ensure your measure is in compliance with any performance criteria.


Participating contractors conduct facility surveys for qualified small businesses. Qualified small business customers that wish to move forward with the program are then asked to sign the customer proposal. Upon receipt of a signed Customer Proposal, the Implementer will review the Customer Proposal for completeness and eligibility.

Click here to view a list of participating contractors

If your preferred contractor is not listed, we can provide training to get them set up in the program and eligible to provide incentives to their customers.


The Implementer will send an inspector to the site or sites to perform a pre-installation inspection (if required) and then notify the customer stating that incentive funding has been reserved for the project(s). A pre-installation inspection must pass before any installation work can begin. If pre-installation inspection fails, the Customer Proposal will be reviewed and updated to depict corrections. If pre inspection is not required, photo documentation will be used to validate and authorize project for construction. Participating contractors are required to submit photos for all eligible projects, regardless of inspection status.

Incentives are subject to availability and reservation. In order to receive incentives from the program, participating contractors must first reserve incentives by completing and submitting a signed Customer Proposal for each individual project. The Implementer will review submitted Customer Proposals and approve eligible projects for an initial incentive reservation. The Implementer will update the participating contractor if any significant changes are made to the incentive amount reserved for their projects.


Upon completion and written approval of the pre-installation inspection, the participating contractor proceeds with the project installation. Participating contractor must complete the project installation within 60 days of the proposal submission and notify the Implementer immediately of any and all changes to the project scope, equipment selection, or timeline during installation.


After the project has been installed, the participating contractor will notify the Implementer of the project’s completion as soon as possible in order to arrange a post-installation inspection of the project. The participating contractor is expected to work with the Implementer to confirm (and update if necessary) the supporting documentation that accompanied the approved Customer Proposal for the now completed project.


Once the project is completed, the Implementer schedules a post-installation inspection (if required). Using the most recent project documentation, a program inspector will visit the site or sites to verify the equipment has been replaced as indicated. The participating contractor may provide a knowledgeable representative to accompany the inspector on the post-installation inspection.

If project is not selected for post inspection, photo documentation will be used to verify completion of project as indicated on the proposal. Participating contractors are required to submit photos for all completed projects, regardless of inspection status.


TNMP issues check to participating contractor after the project is completed, verified, and a post-installation inspection is completed (takes approximately 4-6 weeks).

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