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ENERGY STAR® certified homes use 15-30 percent less energy than typical new homes — delivering better comfort, quality, and durability.

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High-Performance Homes

TNMP’s High-Performance Homes Program promotes the construction and certification of new High-Performance and ENERGY STAR® certified homes. This voluntary Program provides financial incentives and other types of assistance to production and custom Homebuilders. Homebuilders must commit to construct homes within the TNMP service territory that meet High-Performance and/or ENERGY STAR specifications.

The Program seeks to create a sustainable market that leads to:

  • A continuous supply of High-Performance and ENERGY STAR certified homes
  • Increased consumer awareness, demand, and perceived value of High-Performance and ENERGY STAR certified homes and their Homebuilders
  • Increased improvements in home energy performance

TNMP is committed to working in partnership with key homebuilders and HERS Raters who can contribute to the creation of a sustainable market of energy-efficient homes. Find a homebuilder in your area.

TNMP administers this program through an online tracking system. For more information, please contact Catalina Campos ICF Program Manager, (816) 805-1890; or Morgan Nielsen, TNMP Program Manager at (214)-222-4186.

For more information on ENERGY STAR certified homes, please visit the ENERGY STAR website (
Annually, all builders and raters need to register in the database and submit an enrollment application. Only Homebuilders, HERS Raters and Contractors that have applied, are accepted, and construct homes within the TNMP Service Territory can participate. 

Participation benefits:
  • Financial incentives for building qualified new homes.
  • Free sales and technical training courses.
  • Marketing support, including free marketing materials.
  • Support from a program account manager.
Any entity meeting the application requirements can apply to construct homes within the TNMP Service Territory. Only when the application package has been accepted can the Homebuilder or HERS Rater participate in the Program.

Homebuilder application requirements:

HERS Rater Participation Requirements:

  • HERS Rater Application
  • HERS Rater Agreement
  • HERS Rater must remain a RESNET accredited HERS rater in good standing
  • HERS Rater shall adhere to all QA/QC requirements established by RESNET and the Program
  • HERS Rater shall maintain active status as an ENERGY STAR® Partner per EPA guidelines

Potential Homebuilders and HERS Raters must complete an on-line application to participate in the Program. Applications will only be accepted via the Program database. Application approval will allow the Homebuilder and/or HERS Rater to submit invoices for individual projects.

Participating Homebuilders and HERS Raters will be required to acknowledge a Homebuilder Agreement or HERS Rater Agreement with TNMP. The terms of the agreement will be standard for all participants. TNMP will not entertain proposed changes to the standard contract language.

To be eligible for participation in the Whole House Path, homes must achieve at least a five percent (5%) kWh savings over the Texas Baseline Reference Home (TBRH) established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) in the Texas Technical Reference Manual (TRM) Version 6.0 for Program Year 2019, Volume 4: Measurement & Verification Protocols. Homes must install an average of 16 SEER HVAC system and Grade 1 wall and ceiling insulation. If a home is submitted as an ENERGY STAR as an optional method to comply with Tier 1 it must meet the ENERGY STAR v3.1 certification. 

To be eligible for participation in the Midstream Path, homes must have a minimum of 15 SEER HVAC system or greater to be eligible for incentives designed to promote installation of high efficiency HVAC systems.

  • For further documentation on eligibility requirements for Homebuilders and HERS Raters, please visit the Resources tab.

To be eligible for payment, homes must:

  • Be located within the TNMP Service Territory.
  • Not have received incentives from other TNMP Energy-Efficiency Programs.
  • Have completed and submitted application requirements into the system by November 30, 2019.
  • Satisfy all current EPA requirements for ENERGY STAR certification, or meet minimum Program eligibility for High-Performance homes.
  • Achieve a minimum kWh savings of ten percent (5%) higher than the 2019 Texas Baseline Reference Home requirements.
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