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How big is TNMP?

We have about 350 employees in more than 20 counties throughout Texas. Our main office is located in Lewisville, TX.

Approximately how many people does TNMP serve?

We provide electricity to over 230,000 accounts throughout Texas.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is achieved through improvements to a customer’s facility, equipment, devices, processes, behavior, or operations that produce reductions in demand or energy consumption without degrading existing levels of comfort, convenience, and productivity.

Why does TNMP run energy efficiency programs?

According to the 76th Texas Legislature in 1999, PURA § 39.905, and Substantive Rule § 25.181, programs are to be administered by transmission-distribution utilities to meet annual demand and energy savings goals. All customers shall have access to energy efficiency in order to reduce energy consumption and costs.

How many people have you served with energy efficiency?

Since 2002, about 45,000 customers have participated in TNMP energy efficiency programs. In the past 11 years, TNMP invested approximately $17.6 million in energy efficiency programs.

How do I get started?

Reach out to one of our Residential Contractors near you. 

Am I eligible for the Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Program (HTR SOP)?

The HTR SOP targets customers with a household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, or who meet certain other qualifications.

Do condominiums or apartments qualify for the Residential and Hard-to-Reach Programs?

Yes, multifamily units qualify for participation by way of the property owner.

What are some examples of weatherization projects?

  • Attic insulation
  • Central A/C replacement
  • Electric water heater equipment
  • Infiltration control
  • Refrigerator replacement
  • Solar screens
  • Wall insulation
  • Window A/C replacement

Who are the incentives paid to for the Residential and Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Program?

Incentives are paid to Project Sponsors for certain upgrades installed in new or retrofit applications that provide verifiable demand and energy savings. The Residential Program includes a higher incentive option to Project Sponsors who have indicated a willingness to work in underserved areas.

How do I know if an LED fixture is eligible for incentives?

An LED fixture must be listed with ENERGY STAR® or DesignLights Consortium, or the manufacturer must supply LM-79 and LM-80 test data from an independent third-party laboratory demonstrating that the fixture meets the DesignLights or ENERGY STAR criteria.

How do I know if my facility is eligible for the program?

Most TNMP-served manufacturing facilities, schools, government facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, and food service facilities are eligible. To verify eligibility, contact a program representative.

How many projects can be submitted each year?

There is no limit to the number of projects per customer or facility per year.

Is there a minimum project size requirement?


When will I receive my incentive?

Projects are categorized into two types: deemed savings projects and measurement and verification projects. For deemed savings projects, 100% of the incentive amount will be mailed within 4-6 weeks after final project verification. For projects that require additional measurement and verification, a portion of the incentive will be paid within 4-6 weeks after installation is verified. The remaining incentive amount will be issued after measurement and verification activities are completed.