High-Performance Homes

Incentives and support for new, energy-efficient homes

Residential / New Homes

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The TNMP High-Performance Homes Program promotes the construction and certification of high-performance and ENERGY STAR® certified new homes. Participating homebuilders can receive financial incentives for constructing energy-efficient homes that meet current program guidelines.

On average, ENERGY STAR certified homes use 20% less energy than other new homes. Built from the ground up to meet rigorous quality and efficiency standards, certified homes feature high-efficiency construction, heating and cooling equipment, lighting, and appliances to deliver long-lasting savings and comfort.

Benefits to homebuilders:

  • Financial incentives for building qualified new homes
  • Free sales and technical training courses
  • Marketing support, including free marketing materials
  • Support from a program account manager

Benefits to new homebuyers:

  • Significantly reduced energy costs
  • Increased year-round comfort
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Durable, high-performance equipment

For more information, please contact us.

Builders, contractors, and HERS raters must register on the database and submit an enrollment application each year in order to participate.

The program offers incentives to builders through two compliance pathways:

  1. The Whole House Path is designed for builders who install 16+ SEER HVAC systems and work with a HERS rater to submit an Ekotrope file that meets program requirements.
  2. The HVAC Midstream Path is designed for builders who install 15+ SEER HVAC systems that do not qualify for the Whole House Path requirements.
View the program guide for more details.

To qualify for incentives, a home must:

  • Be served by TNMP in a TNMP service territory as evidenced by town, ZIP Code, and a permanent meter number or ESI ID number
  • Have not received incentives from any other TNMP energy efficiency program
  • Have finished construction between September 1, 2020 and November 30, 2021
  • Have a final HERS rating performed between October 1, 2020 and November 30, 2021 (if applicable)
  • Exceed the 2015 IECC energy code requirements by 5% as shown in the final Ekotrope savings calculation


View the program guide for more details.

Interested homebuilders and HERS raters may apply to construct homes within the TNMP service territory by completing and submitting the relevant forms below. Once your application package is accepted, you will be able to submit invoices for individual projects through our online tracking system


Homebuilder application requirements:


HERS rater participation requirements:

  • HERS Rater Application
  • HERS Rater Agreement
  • HERS rater must remain a RESNET accredited HERS rater in good standing
  • HERS rater shall adhere to all QA/QC requirements established by RESNET and the program
  • HERS rater shall maintain active status as an ENERGY STAR partner per EPA guidelines

Residential and Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Programs

Cost-effective solutions to reduce peak demand

Residential / Existing Homes

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The TNMP Residential and Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Programs (Res/HTR SOPs) provide incentives to participating contractors, multifamily property owners, energy service companies, nonprofits, and other organizations that install qualifying energy-efficient upgrades in existing residential homes.


Eligible projects include: 

  • Insulation 
  • Duct sealing
  • Cool roofs
  • A/C tune-ups
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Clothes washers
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Custom projects

Interested in having one of these projects installed in your home?


CoolSaver A/C Tune-up

TNMP’s CoolSaver A/C Tune-up is offered at no cost to qualifying residential customers. Schedule yours today and we’ll inspect, clean, correct and optimize your A/C unit to improve its efficiency and cooling output by up to 25%.


Interested in becoming a Project Sponsor? Apply online to get started or contact us for more information. 

The Res/HTR SOPs were developed by TNMP to provide incentives to suppliers of energy services. The primary objective of these programs is to achieve cost-effective reduction in summer peak demand, winter peak demand, and annual energy consumption for TNMP’s residential and hard-to-reach customers. 

TNMP designed the programs to encourage electric energy efficiency improvements that go above and beyond the efficiency gains typically achieved in replacement-on-burnout projects. Energy savings for eligible measures are based on calculations as defined in the Texas Technical Reference Manual (TRM). Learn more.


The following are eligible to participate as Project Sponsors: 

  • TNMP customers who own or operate multifamily residential buildings that do not exceed 100 kW demand individually or 250 kW demand in the aggregate
  • Energy service companies 
  • Local and general contractors/project aggregators 
  • Not-for-profit housing or social service organizations
  • National or local companies that provide energy-related products 
  • Retailers that install eligible energy-efficient products as part of this program 


Please include with your application:


Once approved, Project Sponsors will be required to submit:

Participation Process:

  1. Project Sponsors enroll and apply to participate in each program through our online program database application. Once the application is pre-approved, Project Sponsors will be scheduled for an in-person meeting with TNMP and the program administrator. 
  2. Project Sponsors use the online database to determine customer and project eligibility, confirm budget availability, define and upload project specifications, calculate incentives, and submit eligible projects. 
  3. The program administrator reviews all submitted projects, selects projects for on-site inspections, conducts inspections, approves payment for completed projects, and pays incentives.

Low Income Weatherization Program

No-cost upgrades for eligible customers

Residential / Low Income

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The TNMP Low Income Weatherization Program provides incentives for the installation of energy efficiency upgrades in the single-family homes of low-income customers.


Eligible projects include: 

  • Attic and wall insulation
  • LEDs
  • Replacement central air conditioners with a SEER of 14.5 or higher
  • Replacement heat pumps with a SEER of 14.5 or higher and HSPF of 8.5 or higher
  • Attic encapsulation
  • Air infiltration control measures
  • Duct sealing (alternate method accepted)
  • Water heating measures (electric water heaters only)
  • Solar screens


To see what we can do for your home, contact one of the participating agencies below:

  • Ark-Tex Council of Governments: (855) 738-4710
  • Rolling Plains: Website
  • Texoma Council of Governments: (903) 893-2161 ext. 3530
  • Community Council of South Central Texas : (830) 261-5514 | Website


Non-profit agencies interested in participating in the program should contact us to get started.

Through its Low Income Weatherization Program, TNMP makes 10% of its total energy efficiency portfolio budget available annually to income-eligible customers in the TNMP electric distribution service area.

The single family homes program is administered by Frontier Energy. Frontier and non-profit agencies coordinate all work conducted on participants homes. The maximum allowable expenditure under the program is $7,541 per home. The multifamily homes program is administered by EnerChoice, who will issue a request for proposals on HVAC retrofits. All projects are approved based on providing a cost-effective improvement in energy efficiency. Contact us for more information.

Eligible Customers Must: 

  • Be a TNMP electric distribution service customer.
  • Have a household income that is 200% or less of the current federal poverty guidelines.
  • Use electric air conditioning in their home.
  • Live in a single-family home, mobile home, or duplex with individually metered units. 


Project Sponsors Must: 

  • Be registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) entities, housing authorities or local government agencies. 
  • Be able to identify eligible customers and validate income eligibility using the Texas Administrative Code Rules adopted for Energy Assistance Programs.
  • Have sufficient staff or manage contractors to perform assessments, the installation of measures, and data entry. 

Agencies that are accepted into the program for the year will sign a Participation Agreement with Frontier Energy, our program implementer. The agreement will include the amount of funding allocated to the agency for the year, milestones for obligation of the funding, as well as other terms of the agreement.

Agency performance toward meeting program milestones will be reviewed by TNMP on or about May 1 and August 1 each program year. 

For more process details, consult the program manual